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    The university of Bristol

    This university was established in 1876 and received its royal charter in 1909. The University of Bristol has a long-term reputation and prestige and it is undoubtedly among the pioneers in the field of higher education in Great Britain. The university is among the 40 leading universities in the world (for many years) and is among the top 10 universities in Britain. It is worth noting that the institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh is proud to be the exclusive representative of this top foreign university in Iran.

    With 17,000 students from more than 100 countries and 5,500 personnel, this university is a university with typical dimensions; however, it is a vibrant and active institution. Given the number of applications in bachelor course, Bristol is the most famous university in England surely.  The university is located in the center of Bristol (a relatively small city) and has an important role in the global arena and a strong presence in the field of economic, social and cultural in southwest England. In recent statistical researches, over 61% of research work in 48 different fields have received awards. A part of these researches has been evaluated by 4 stars as World Leading researches and the rest has been evaluated by 3 stars as Internationally Excellent researches. This university has been honored by QAA as a university with an excellent education quality. As a sign of excellence, the university is a main member of Russell Group—research-based universities in Britain—and is a member of World Universities Network (WUN).


    The University of Bristol presents a wide range of degrees in Bachelor, Master and PhD courses and has 6 study groups including art, engineering, veterinary, dentistry and MD, basic sciences and social sciences, and law. The university contains 45 departments, 15 research centers and 12 schools. –

    - Art School
    - School of Anthropology
    - School of Modern Languages
    - School of Medical Sciences
    - School of Biology
    - School of Chemistry
    - School of Geographical Sciences
    - School of Political Studies
    - School of Health Studies
    - School of Economics, Finance and Management
    - School of Laws


    The university guarantees accommodation in dormitory for bachelor students, master students, and full-time international students who have been admitted before deadline. The dormitory building provides private study rooms with Web connection—some of rooms even provides En-Suite Bathrooms. All comforts are on campus. The library of university has more than 1,000,000 books and provides more than 6,000 periodical publications. Also, many sectors have specialized libraries. All students have free access to the Internet available in schools, building of dormitories, the Student Union or in the 24-hour computer center. Student Union plays a very important role at the university, such as providing facilities for more than 180 associations and 56 sports clubs. The new recreation center (Health and Exercise) is a part of a network of sports facilities at the University of Bristol that provides a range of activities for all sports.

    City of Bristol:

    The university is an integral part of Bristol which is a beautiful city port with a 1000-year history. Bristol city with a population of 500,000 people is the largest city of southwest; also it is the center of business, culture and education in the region. In fact, it is a city of different cultures withan array of cafes and restaurants, festivals and carnivals, architecture and green spaces, commerce and new technology, theater and museums, artists and animators, music and film. This city has been officially selected by government as the cultural center and recently it has been chosen and honored by academy of urbanization as European city of year. Contact with institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh, the official representative of the University of Bristol.

     Link: http://www.bristol.ac.uk



  • Bosworth Independent College

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    Bosworth Independent College:

    This college is located in Northampton—located in 66 miles from northwest of London that traveling this distance by train longs 1 hour and 26 minutes. Northampton is a relatively small town with a quiet and student environment. Bosworth has been founded in 1977. This college has more than 80 experienced professors and 320 students and is among the top universities in providing services and support for students. 

    Getting the title of the best private college in England between 2001-2007 has made this college one of the best choices to study in England. The institute of Elm-Gostar-e Kaveh, the exclusive representative of Bosworth Independent College in Iran is proud to provide you the entry requirements of the best private college in England.

    Bosworth Independent College has HTS-Standard (Highly Trusted Sponsor Standard).

    The courses of Bosworth college:


    To indicate the quality of this college it is enough to say that it had been the best college in England between 2001-2007 for A-Levels courses. So it seems not necessary to explain additional details about the college A-Levels courses. To enroll in the college, please contact us.GCSE:

    Entering a boarding school like Bosworth can be one of the best choices for GCSE courses. The college is undoubtedly the best private college of the England in this field. As you see, we have described other colleges’ courses excellent but for A-Levels and GCSE courses, the only words that properly describes Bosworth are the best and the most professional. The age range of this college’s students is 14-19 yearsThe unique features of this are also really conspicuous. If you're really looking for the best future for your children's education do not hesitate to choose this college.

    The institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh as the only representative of this college provides you the expert consultations.


    One exceptional option for foreign students of this college is the college's Foundation course. Almost the majority of universities in England have evaluated this college’s foundation course as one of the input options of their bachelor course. For more details about Bosworth’s foundation course, contact the institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh.

    Language courses:

    The quality of Bosworth’s language courses is like the superior quality of the college’s other courses. This college provides a wide range of general and academic language courses with the most advanced methods. For more details on these courses contact consolers of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh institution.


    This college is one of the most appropriate colleges for those who haven’t any guardian because the college itself takes this task.  The dormitories of this college are well-equipped. The dormitory’s facilities are: all dormitory’s rooms are monitored and furnished and have a similar style, a small kitchen and laundry facilities. The general (living) room also contains some indoor recreational facilities, including TV,DVD player, computer, Billiard tables and Internet services. Excellent restaurants for all tastes andany Dietary requirements leaves no concern to you. For more information, contact us.

    Link: http://www.bosworth-college.co.uk/

  • David Game College

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    David Game College:

    It is estimated that in general more than 3,000 schools and colleges are active in England in the field of higher education but the features that make David Game College a superior and important college are:

    • Having fully qualified teachers with high academic education from the best universities in  England who allow the students to take interest in their courses.
    • Having fixed professional staff with a long history in training top students at the college in the past years.
    • Holding low-population classes to maintain peace and question-answer scientific environment and to createcollective thinking among the members of the class.
    • Establishing an academic environment for students to spend their time at college andimprove their academic level.
    • Providing a wide range of educational classes in various fields and employing a flexible system for students who want to change their field of study.
    • Having library, laboratory facilities and fully equipped art workshops..
    • Providing weekly high-specialized consulting services to students and course selection according to their mood.
    • Having great places in the college to provide a safe environment and friendship between people from different geographical backgrounds.
    • Having various students from different countries of the world.
    • Being located in one of the best and most fashionable neighborhoods of London, which we can claim that  is among the most luxurious and most expensive regions of the entire world. The name of the neighborhood which is located in the center of London is Notting Hill Gate.
    • Having a competitive atmosphere and creating motivation and competition among students, and several other professional service that make this college one of the most distinguished colleges in the world. the courses of GCSE, A-Levels, UFT and Language are held professionally at this college.
    • Holding the the standard of HTS (Highly Trusted Sponsor) and being permanently among the top 5 colleges of England.

    Introduction of David Game College’s courses:

    Language courses of David Game College:

    The language courses at different levels ranging from elementary, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced began to work the Monday of each week at David Game College. Language Courses are held with options of 15 hours, 21 hours, 24 hours and 30 hours per week. The teachers of these courses are all national English-language teachers and are among the best teachers of language teaching to foreign students.

    GCSE course of David Game College:

    This course is held in a very high level and with presence of best professors in all courses at David Game College. The main feature of this college in holding the GCSE course is the use of experienced staff who are almost unchanged over the past few years. This has led to college students with a strong foundation in future courses.

    David Game College is one of the best colleges in England in the field of holding Al-Levels course. This is evidenced by the large number of the college’s students who are accepted each year in pioneer universities of England. So it can be said that David Game College is the most famous private college in England.

    Foundation (UFP) course of David Game College:

    The most famous course held in David Game College is undoubtedly UFP course. This course firstly began in 1989 at the college. This college holds one of the best UFP courses in England. The students who has been attracted to the England's top universities by passing this course, confirm the success and reputation of David Game College in holding this course. The warranty of entry to England’s universities by passing this course at David Game College is 100% but to enter the England’s top universities, the high scores of students in the lessons of this course must be realized.


    One of the glories of UFP course of David Game College is that the pharmacy UFP of David Game College has been accredited by London School of Pharmacy. The golden service of this course availableto parents  provides thema username and password for checking their children’s status including their class attendance  and scores report.

    Checking the condition of accommodation at David Game College:

    David Game College has 3 separate Dormitory buildings with private or semi-privte rooms. For more information, contact us.


  • University of Westminster

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    The University of Westminster

    The university of Westminster is located in the heart of London. This university has 4 different university campuses in the 4 different neighborhoods of London. These campuses are located in the neighborhood of Marylebone in central London, Harrow in north-west London, Cavendish in South-East London and Regent in North London. There are more than 23,000 students at different levels of education. This number of studentshas turned the University of Westminster into the second populous university in England in this respect.  

    The University of Westminster arose from the integration of several universities in early 1990s and on that date it did not rank among England’s top universities because it was a new university.  Over years, this university has improved its rank significantly by using the qualified professors of prestigious universities in England and equipping the laboratories and academic spaces. This improvement travels its path faster day after day.  For example, the University of Westminster is the paramount university in England in the field of photography. Moreover, the art architecture department is among the top 3 departments across England. The institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh exclusively gets the admission of this university for the talented Iranian students applying to study in Britain.

    Another advantage of Westminster University is that classes start twice a year (September and January). No need to mention that being locate in London comes as a merit.. The university of Westminster offers courses in accounting, architecture, art and design, Biochemistry and Microbiology, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Business and Management, complementary medicine, computer, construction, electronics, England, fashion, humanities, foreign languages, laws, media, music, photography, Business Sciences, psychology, political and social Science and tourism along with their numerous subfields at BSc, BA, MSc, MA, MPhil and PhD/MPhil levels. The institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh proudly can arrange yourfree admission to the University of Westminster. To get free expert consultation  regarding the different subfields ofstudy fields as well as required documents to get admission and more information about the university of Westminster, contact us.

    For more information, contact us.

    Link: https://www.westminster.ac.uk

  • Kingston University London

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    Kingston University of London

    Kingston University is an institution of higher education that was established in April 26, 1993 by an Act of the royal council and government regulated education reform Act of 1988 (ERA) and the Higher Education Act of 1992. This university is considered as a charity institution and monitored by (and under conditions of) ERA. Kingston University as a free charity institution works under rules of HEFCE and in accordance with the Charities Act 2006.

    This university is located in Kingston Thames city an overpopulated place located on the banks of the river on the border of London and Sari—It take25 minutes by train to the center of London.

    The faculty of Kingstone university has been divided in 5 schools. The bachelor and master levels and research in related fields are provided in each school.

    • School of Arts, Architecture and Design
    • School of Arts and Social Sciences
    • School of Laws and Business
    • School of Health and Social Care
    • School of Sciences, Engineering and Computing

    The number of students at Kingston University in 2012:

    18,899 students in the  foundation and bachelor courses , 4206 students in the master course
    19,264 full-time students and 3,841 part-time students
    20,636 students from countries in Europe and the UK, 2,469 students from other countries.

    Kingston University tops the table of jobs launched by graduates.

    According to the latest report of higher education and study of businesses and communications, Kingston University provides the pathfor graduates toentrepreneurship. Annual researches have shown that Kingston University has the highest number of students who launched their companies in 2010/2011 in England. Last year, this university ranked first with 179 companies launched by its graduates and had a meaningful difference with its nearest competitors in the ranking (19 times higher). Moreover, Kingston university has the first place in the field of employees set up by launched businesses in the rankings of 2010/2011 and 2009/2010, and has the second place in the field of these businesses’ income level in the ranking of 2010/2011. The chief of investment training institute of Martha Mador said: “Kingston University has had a vital supporting role in the field of entrepreneurship in the 9 past years. Ithas gained it through different educational and competitive plans and activities based on strong researches of business research center of this university’s business school”.

    This school with more than 23,000 full-time and part-time students makes one of the most important parts of Kingston university and is considered as the largest center of higher education in southwest London. 4 campuses of the university are located within four miles of Kingston and near the center of Thames city. Kingston University is among the most successful universities in England. It also is alwaysat the top of selected organizations by students. The qualitative education of this university is very famous and the university has a growing trend in the field of researches. 

    This university provides a wide range of bachelor and master courses and covers the different fields related to Business and Management including marketing, human resource management, accounting and finance, information technology, AMBA and full-time and part-time MBA courses.

    The business school of Kingston has a long-time reputation in presenting the first foundation and prerequisite courses and it can provide necessary area of your future professional activities by its basic and principled programs.  

    • Wide range of bachelor fields

    Business school of Kingston provides students with the latest advances in the student’s field of interest and prepares them for their future career opportunities through creating a convenient supportive academic environment and offering a range of specialized management courses.

    • Wide range of Master fields

    If you are  to continue with your studies up to the  degree of a research doctor, this school can provide you the opportunity of study your favorite field in business or management. 

    • Research and PhD course

    This school offers various services such as short-time courses and work-based training to individuals and companies.

    Kingston has 5 campuses and each has its special specifications but all of them have a friendly and intimate atmosphere, amenities and modern architecture.

    Penrhyn Road

    It is the centeral campus—located in Kingston. This campus has a health and sports center and accommodates for the students of art, social sciences, civil engineering, computer and information systems and radiography.

    Kingston Hill

    This campus is modern and mountainous and is 3 miles from Kingston city center. The students of business, laws, music, and health and social care reside there.

    Kingston Park

    TheEnvironment in the the campus is very comfortable and intimate. Being on the bank of river and its beautiful surrounding nature provides a suitable environment for art students therefore the students of arts, design and architecture are in there.

    Roehampton Vale

    Roehampton Vale is a modern building close to Richmond Park. This campus has very advanced facilities designed for students of engineering. It provides the valuable professional and technical experienceto them.

    St George’s

    The fields of the Health and Social Care are held in Kingston University in partnership with St George’s University of London (SGUL). Therefore, some students study in the St George’s campus which is located in southwestern London.



    Link: http://www.kingston.ac.uk/


  • London Film Academy -LFA

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    London Film Academy (LFA)

    London Film Academy with exciting and innovative investments in Film education has become a major center for film-making education in one of the world's movie capitals. LFA is the executer of standard and professional educations in all key areas of film-making and all of its professors are professional and experienced. 

    College of London film academy has the standard of HTS (Highly Trusted Sponsor).

    Are you interested in cinema?

    If you want become a screenwriter, director or a professional actor, certainly London Film Academy would be your best option to achieve your goals. Experiences has shown that academic education in the field of acting and filmmaking plays a significant role in stardom (being a star). The creative thinking in writing by using the attractive and academic environment of London Film Academy can help you significantly in writing the very strong screenplays with new ideas and themes. Do you know that many famous actors and directors of England have entered the field of cinema and theater from this college? Certainly the academic education will have a significant role in entrepreneurship and creativity in the field of cinema and theater where learning this skill through academic environment of London Film Academy will lead you to your goals. The institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh as the exclusive representative of this college in Iran is proud to provide the requirements of this college’s admission foryou.



    London Film Academy was founded in 2002. This college is on the subsets of David Game College that is one the best colleges in London in the field of cinema. This college provides the best services in areas such as acting, directing, and screenplay writing.

    For more information, contact us.



  • St Mike

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    St Mike

    This school was founded firstly in Bryn city in 1923—this city has a distance of 188 miles from London (3 hours and 14 minutes)—and was in there until 1928. St Michael has a long-term, stable and high reliable history of management and its founders—Rees Brothers—have gained its reputation by academic successes. They were retired in 1926 and the son of the former manager Mr. Vaughan Evans filled their place. The school continued to progress under his management and its current manager Mr. Daniel Sheehan inherited the management of this glorious school in 1994.


    The school is located in its private lands in Bryn city and is overlooking the Gower Peninsula that is close to Cardiff city in west London (Cardiff is the capital of Wales).

    St. Michael attracts its students form a wide range of geographical regions and prepares its teachers by the latest educational and cultural methods in order to deliver the future successful students to the strong universities in England.


    Passing the following courses is mandatory at GCSE:

    • A scientific issue
    • English language
    • English literature
    • French or Spanish
    • Mathematic

    The following courses are optional at GCSE and are currently offered:

    • Art / Handicrafts / Textiles & Design
    • biology
    • Business Studies
    • chemistry
    • Chinese
    • Drama
    • Geography
    • German
    • History
    • Latin
    • Music
    • Physical Education (Sports)
    • Physics
    • Psychology
    • Welsh

    Admission to the school:

    St. Michael is a co-ed (mixed-gender) school that teaches the girls and boys from the age of 3. The teachers of this school’s courses work together on the education plan of students therefore you will see the progress of students in these courses. Moreover, the entrance examinations are mandatory for 4 years and 6 years old students to enter elementary school.

    Michael’s School has the standard of HTS.

    St. Michael has HTS standard of Britain’s Border Agency. It offers boarding locations for accommodation to British and foreign students with the age range of 11-18 years.

    The boarding locations currently accommodate for  tDanish, Russian, Nigeria, Hong Kong and Chinese sudents

    For more information, contact us.


  • University of Essex

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    The University of Essex

    The main campus of the University of Essex is located in Colchester city and has a distance of 69.7 miles from London city center. Travelling this distance by train takes 1 hour and 43 minutes.

    The University of Essex is one of the most distinctive and experienced universities in England Undoubtedly. This university is among the top 10 Englnd universities in England in terms of researche. There is another campus dedicated to the business studieslocated in Southend city.

    There are the following fields with their various subfields in the BSc, BA, MSc, MA, MPhil and PhD/MPhil levels in this university:

    Accounting, Biology, Ecology, bio-molecular and biomedical sciences, business administration, computer sciences, computer networks, economics, electronics and telecommunications, language and grammar of English, European courses, drama, film studies, social health sciences, history, history arts, humanities, human rights, Latin American studies, laws, English literature, mathematics, modern languages, arts, philosophy, politics, psychology, sociology, sciences of physical education, sports and theater.

    It is worth noting that institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh can get get free admission to the all availablefields and levels of study. To get free expert consultation, contact us.



  • British Study Centers

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    British Study Centers

    British Study Center was founded in 1930.

    The different branches of the college are in London, Brighton, Oxford and Bournemouth.

    High experienced professors as well as superb education quality are the distinctive features of this college.

    This college is among topquality language colleges of Britain.

    The limited number of students allows teachers to concentrate on the interests and goals of students and help them to progress in their work-field and to reach their goal.

    The friendly and intimate environment of classes and college contributesthe success of students and motivates them undoubtedly.

    British Study Center offers the language courses in different levels from beginner to advanced.

    This college is authorized and specialized  in holding IELTS and TOEIC/TOEFL courses.

    BSC also offers the preparation courses of the Cambridge test that allows you to prepare for an international and well-known certificate.

    The English courses of this college begins Monday of each week and people over 16 years are allowed to participate in these courses.

    The English courses are offered at the college from 15 to 30 hours per week.

    Individual assessment: you are assessed and supported continuously at the beginning of and during the course.

    On the first day you will be examined orally and in written form and your progress will be monitored on a regular basis.

    The BSC’s distinctive quality in teaching English has made this college one of the most expensive and luxurious colleges in teaching English.

    There are also expert English training courses for teachers at the college.

    Getting the title of Superior Language School of Britain in 2010 is one the honors of the college.

    BSC Courses

    General English Courses

    Exam Preparation Courses

    IELTS Preparation

    General English Plus TOEIC & TOEFL Preparation

    Business English Courses

    Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses

    One-to-One Courses

    Morning Courses

    Intensive Courses

    Afternoon Courses

    Teacher Training Courses

    For more information, contact us.

    Link: https://www.british-study.com



  • Queen Ethelburga

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    Queen Ethelburga

    The Queen Ethelburga’s College is located on the outskirts of York and has a distance of 212 miles from London. That is about  a 4 hour drive from London..

    According to average score of A-Levels the Queen Ethelburga’s College ranks 1st in the northeast region. The number of male and female students of this college (Both native and international) have doubled in 7 past years. Even in the recession, this amount increased by 20%. What do you thinkabout the reason?

    A happy and intimate environment to boost the morale and confidence of students

    The fully qualified and compassionate personnel of this college are always at your service…

    98% of the college’s students have found their way to the best universities.

    Investing more than 65 million pounds in the last 10 years has provided all the facilities required by students.

    A new sports center has been established for the welfare of students.

    The safe and healthy environment and away from urban problems has created the right atmosphere for students.

    Compared to other cities of the region, the living costs are lower.

    Unique boarding facilities, unlike anything that is in any other school.

    Why the Queen Ethelburga’s College is different?

    The answer of this question is very simple. This college is consisted among 4 small schools managed separately by a department manager under  a chief manager called Mr. Steven Jandrell.

    In this way, the division of schools into smaller schools, each department manager can get a personal understanding of the needs, talents and characters of his/her students.

    In some schools, the students are divided into 3 groups including Excellent, Good and Fair, but when using the division of schools into smaller schools, there is no need to grouping students. In fact, QE is 4 schools on one campus.

    Undoubtedly you will enjoy visiting this school because QE is different from other existing schools. The parents can see their children’s progress in education, success and getting confidence. The modern style of the school is popular for parents and students. Each room has direct dial telephone, satellite plasma TV, DVD player, kitchenette, refrigerator and Hi-Fi, air conditioning and individual bathroom. Checking student’s exam results has shown their significant success.

    The aim of QE is education for life, with academic achievement as its core and with community and life skills as its heart. In the nine decades since its establishment in 1912, Queen Ethelburga's College has become one of the best and well-known education centers in England. The factors such as national credit, care of the students andfriendly environment have contributed to this achievement. The College is committed to fund the college to ensure the premium quality.

    Investing more than 45 million pounds only in recent years is to ensure that the students  achieve outstanding successes using the facilities and superior quality of the school. For example, all of the rooms have computer, telephone, internet access, etc. Queen Ethelburga’s College is developing its capital annually. This has led the parents to recognize this college as a unique opportunity for their children. At the end of each half-term parents will receive a comprehensive and detailed report of their children’s performance.

    GCSE course at the Queen Ethelburga’s college

    This course enjoys high standards  and presence of highly experienced professors. The students of this college are supported by their teachers completely. Moreover, the well-qualified and experienced counselors on campuses play an important role in raising self-confidence and academic achievement of students. Experience has shown that this method (consultation) has an important role in scientific achievements, independence and academic skills of students.

    A-Levels course of Queen Ethelburga’s college

    Queen Ethelburga’s college has an enviable history in holding A-Levels courses. Ranking 1st in the north of England in terms of the average score of A-Levels is a proof of this claim.

    The required scores for entering Al-Levels or IB Diploma course are as following:

    • GCSEs at Grade C or above to include: 6
    • Grade A*, A, B or C in English Language and Mathematics
    • Grade A*, A or B in subjects to be studied at A Level/Higher Level IB Subjects
    • International students should have certificated English language skills equivalent to IELTS 5.5 (or equivalent on our entry test)

    For more information, contact us.




    about 2 سال ago


    Albemarle College is located in the center of London. This college is to  the northeast of Hyde Park which is  2.4 miles from the city center—this means a  10 minute ride. This college offers A-Levels and GCSE courses with high quality in the fields of medical sciences, engineering, business and management, humanities, language and arts.

    The institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh is the exclusive representative of Albemarle in Iran.

    Albemarle is among the top 5 colleges in England. A unique feature of the college is the limited number of students in each class.  That is the number of students in eachclasse is  between 5 to 8 .

    Albemarle meets  the standard of HTS (Highly Trusted Sponsor).

    The courses of Albemarle college:


     in the field of holding A-Levels courses undoubtedly it is one of the best England colleges.. Entering more than 90% of the college’s students to the best universities of England and getting superior scores by them endorse this claim. If you want to enter the superior universities of England and continue to study in London, the A-Levels course of Albemarle College is one of best options. The highly experienced faculty of this college can help you to enter the superior universities in England.

    For more details about this college, contact us.


    Whether your priority is learning basic courses with the most powerful educational method? If your answer is yes, don’t hesitate; the GCSE courses of Albemarle College incredibly boost your scientific quality. The experience has shown that the students who have passed the GCSE courses at Albemarle College have been more successful in the A-Level course and have entered superior universities. If you are looking for an appropriate option for GCSE course, we suggest you keep in mind Albemarle. For more information contact us.

    Language courses: Albemarle College

    Holding various courses of language in the private and multi-person classes. For more details information on course schedules contact us  contact.

    Preparation courses of LNAT, BMAT and UKCAT:

    For more information about these courses, contact the institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh.


    This college has modern dormitories with perfect facilities near the college. There are private and semiprivate rooms too. Moreover, it is possible to live with English families—this is one of the best ways to promote your language proficiency level and learn about the England’s culture.



    For more information, contact us.

    Link: http://www.albemarle.org.uk/



    about 2 سال ago

    Ealing Independent College

    This college has a perfect history in teaching and maintaining a very friendly environment for students and teachers. The college visitors quickly notice its friendly atmosphere and the enthusiasm of college staff and students.

    This college is located in the center of Ealing that is a pleasant and very beautiful region. The region offers easy access to shops, stores, airport and metro. The college of Ealing has the standard of HTS (Highly Trusted Sponsor). There is an attractive park with very pleasant and beautiful green space next to the college. Due to its proximity to the Ealing Film Studious, it has very interesting and famous areas and galleries.

    Ealing College is located in the heart of Ealing Broadway and it has a distance of 10 miles from London (20 minutes).

    Language Courses:

    The foreign students need to have stronger language to enter universities and colleges. The language courses are held in groups or single form. Holding a wide range of language courses including general, specialized and IELTS preparation courses as well as holding the summer tours of leisure and language have made the Ealing College one of the choices for language courses. For more detailed information and awareness of the courses’ beginning time, contact with the consolers of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh institution.

    GCSE course:

    Do you know one of the reasons of superior students’ success at the top universities of England is passing the GCSE course in one of the best colleges of London? Ealing College is the best place for those who think about their future. Experienced professors within an intimate atmosphere with students are among the prominent features of this college..

    The institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh has the honour to provide you free advice and guidance on this course.

    A-Levels Courses:

    If you are thinking about your favorite field at the superior universities in England, undoubtedly the A-Levels course of Ealing College is your best option. The limited number of students in  classes,  special attention paid to all students, and consultation for choosing appropriate university are the dominant features of this college. If you want all the features together, we suggest you Ealing College.

    The institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh is proud to advice and guide you to enter this course.


    This college has modern dormitories with perfect facilities close to the college. There are private and semiprivate rooms. It is also possible to live with English families that is one of the best ways to promote language and learn about the England’s culture.

    For more information, contact us.

  • Bath Academy

    about 2 سال ago


    Bath Academy

    This college is another subset of David Game College. It is located in Bath city in the west of England.

    Bath city is a very quiet and pleasant city with a dreamy environment–it is located in the West of England. This college meetsthe standard of HTS (Highly Trusted Sponsor)..

    It has a distance of 115 miles from the center of London (or 2 hour and 15 minutes by train) and a distance of 82 miles from Oxford (or 1 hour and 35 minutes by train). This college holds all courses of GCSE, Foundation, A-Levels and language with superior quality of David Game College.

    Why Bath Academy?

    • High-quality teaching
    •  A thorough knowledge of the needs of students
    •  friendly relationship with students
    • support for students
    •  beautiful and historic location in England
    • The admittance of more than 90 percent of the Bath Academy students to the best universities in England
    •  Excellent dormitory
    • 114 miles from the center of London (2 hours and 15 minutes)
    • And the advanced features of college including:
            § common student room
            § private reading room
            § Art Room
            § Computer room

    GCSE Courses:

     Because the main scientific and ethical framework of people takes shape in these ages. So the importance of these ages can remind the necessity of choosing a healthy and student-oriented environment. The institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh is proud to help you in this sensitive period by providing the mentioned environment in Bath Academy. The most important features of this college are: holding sparsely populated classes (between 2-8 persons), offering various scientific and cultural plans, reporting to parents continuously about progress and performance of students, and offering regular academic consultation. So if you really want your children to study in a low-risk and high-efficiency environment, contactthe institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh to enroll in the GCSE course of this college.

    A-Levels Courses:

    If you want to experience the best course of Foundation in Britain outside London with the same parameters of David Game College, the superior professors of Bath Academy are ready to halp. Entering top universities is possible on the condition that the talent and creativity of student be associated with a coherent program. Combining these elements with continuous consultations has created a  competitive environment..

    Should you need more information, contact us.

    Language Courses:

    Did you know one of the most historic cities in England is Bath City? Bath city is the second largest tourist destinationin England after London. The history of the name of Bath is returned to the establishment of the first Roman bath by Romans in the first century after the conquest of England. This tourist potential has caused annually a large number of students and tourists from around the world choose Bath city as their residence during course of study and summer. Bath Academy has used this space optimally by creating various language courses and summer language tours. The quality of Bath Academy’s language courses has forced harshest critics to admire this college. For awareness of unique language courses of this college, contact the consolers of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh institution. The dormitories are near the college and offers acceptable facilities to students. For more details about Bath Academy’s dormitories, contact the institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh.


    Bath Academy has 3 dormitories: Oxford House, Bathurst House and Residential Houses. The opportunity to live with English families  provides the chance to develop language  language proficiency and to gain insight into England’s culture.



  • Queen Mary

    about 2 سال ago


    Queen Mary

    The university of Queen Mary is among the prominent higher education institutions.

    This university with an annual budget of 300 million pounds accommodates for 16,900 students and 3,000 personnel.

    Queen Mary, one the largest universities in London, offers a wide range of course studies including humanities, social sciences, laws, MD, Dentistry, sciences and engineering.

    The university of Queen Mary is to the East ofLondon. It is locatedin one of the best and most beautiful regions of London. 

    The Queen Mary scholars are committed to optimum quality. This quality has been reached as a result of employing best faculties from all around the world.

    Following newest  RAE results this university ranked 11th in terms of research quality.

    Queen Mary makehigh-quality and interesting learning experience possible to the students. This high-quality education is inspired by the researches of the university in the pioneer world.

    This university has invested more than 250 million pounds over the last 5 years to offer facilities to students; this has led to creating a special learning environment. According to the recent survey of National Student Survey, 88% of the university’s students have been satisfied with this university. This figure is 5% higher than national average and among the great universities of London.

    Queen Mary has 5 buildings in London.

    The main building of this university is located in the east of London in Mile End region.

    This university is a few minutes from centralLondon.

    Public commuting to to university is convenient and readily available .

    The universities are close to subway station.

    The buildings of the university:

    Mile End

    This is the centralbuilding of Queen Mary. The majority of academic schools, several theaters, main library and official services are located there.

    The fields of the building: Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences and engineering


    Whitechapel campus is the main center for MD and dentistry school. It  includes the institute of Blizard, educational institute of health sciences, Whitechapel medical library, the institute of dentistry and loyal hospital of London.

    Charterhouse Square

    Charterhouse is the headquarters of medical research for the preventive medicine institute of Wolfson.

    There is also a hall of residence for medical students.

    West Smithfield

    West Smithfield contains hospital of St Bartholomew and medical library of West Smithfield. This building is the center of cardiovascular, cancer, epidemiology and public health research facilities.

    Lincoln’s Inn Fields

    This building is the main center for law studies. This location is a new place for CCLS, a LLM training base and master research.

    For more information, contact us.



  • City University London

    about 2 سال ago


    City, University of London

    City, University of London is one of the most popular universities in England for personnel and international students. The international students of the university come from almost 160 countries around the world and the university provides a joyful learning environment to study.

    In this university, a wide range of fields are offered including engineering, mathematics, informatics, arts, humanities, social sciences, laws, health and business. The personnel, professors and faculties of the university have come from more than 50 countries around the world such as England, America, Australia, India, Greece, Germany, Brazil, China, Spain, Italy and Serbia. The institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh works as the exclusive representative of this university in Iran. The original location of this university is in the center of one of the most exciting cities in the world. The academic success of students as well as their success in the labor market after graduation makes the University an ideal choice for students and always a high percentage of the university’s graduates are working in good jobs. This university is among the top 3 universities in England in the fields of management.




    • City university is the sole international university that has experienced personnel, professors and faculty who are committed to two important principles:
    • Scientific excellence
    • Focus on professional business
      • City is among the top 5% universities in the world
      • It is among the top 10 universities in England in terms of employment of its graduates

    City University is equipped with a broad and extensive library which have personal computers, easy access to internet andemployment of reference books.

    For getting admission and consultation, contact us.