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Kingston University of London

Kingston University is an institution of higher education that was established in April 26, 1993 by an Act of the royal council and government regulated education reform Act of 1988 (ERA) and the Higher Education Act of 1992. This university is considered as a charity institution and monitored by (and under conditions of) ERA. Kingston University as a free charity institution works under rules of HEFCE and in accordance with the Charities Act 2006.

This university is located in Kingston Thames city an overpopulated place located on the banks of the river on the border of London and Sari—It take25 minutes by train to the center of London.

The faculty of Kingstone university has been divided in 5 schools. The bachelor and master levels and research in related fields are provided in each school.

  • School of Arts, Architecture and Design
  • School of Arts and Social Sciences
  • School of Laws and Business
  • School of Health and Social Care
  • School of Sciences, Engineering and Computing

The number of students at Kingston University in 2012:

18,899 students in the  foundation and bachelor courses , 4206 students in the master course
19,264 full-time students and 3,841 part-time students
20,636 students from countries in Europe and the UK, 2,469 students from other countries.

Kingston University tops the table of jobs launched by graduates.

According to the latest report of higher education and study of businesses and communications, Kingston University provides the pathfor graduates toentrepreneurship. Annual researches have shown that Kingston University has the highest number of students who launched their companies in 2010/2011 in England. Last year, this university ranked first with 179 companies launched by its graduates and had a meaningful difference with its nearest competitors in the ranking (19 times higher). Moreover, Kingston university has the first place in the field of employees set up by launched businesses in the rankings of 2010/2011 and 2009/2010, and has the second place in the field of these businesses’ income level in the ranking of 2010/2011. The chief of investment training institute of Martha Mador said: “Kingston University has had a vital supporting role in the field of entrepreneurship in the 9 past years. Ithas gained it through different educational and competitive plans and activities based on strong researches of business research center of this university’s business school”.

This school with more than 23,000 full-time and part-time students makes one of the most important parts of Kingston university and is considered as the largest center of higher education in southwest London. 4 campuses of the university are located within four miles of Kingston and near the center of Thames city. Kingston University is among the most successful universities in England. It also is alwaysat the top of selected organizations by students. The qualitative education of this university is very famous and the university has a growing trend in the field of researches. 

This university provides a wide range of bachelor and master courses and covers the different fields related to Business and Management including marketing, human resource management, accounting and finance, information technology, AMBA and full-time and part-time MBA courses.

The business school of Kingston has a long-time reputation in presenting the first foundation and prerequisite courses and it can provide necessary area of your future professional activities by its basic and principled programs.  

  • Wide range of bachelor fields

Business school of Kingston provides students with the latest advances in the student’s field of interest and prepares them for their future career opportunities through creating a convenient supportive academic environment and offering a range of specialized management courses.

  • Wide range of Master fields

If you are  to continue with your studies up to the  degree of a research doctor, this school can provide you the opportunity of study your favorite field in business or management. 

  • Research and PhD course

This school offers various services such as short-time courses and work-based training to individuals and companies.

Kingston has 5 campuses and each has its special specifications but all of them have a friendly and intimate atmosphere, amenities and modern architecture.

Penrhyn Road

It is the centeral campus—located in Kingston. This campus has a health and sports center and accommodates for the students of art, social sciences, civil engineering, computer and information systems and radiography.

Kingston Hill

This campus is modern and mountainous and is 3 miles from Kingston city center. The students of business, laws, music, and health and social care reside there.

Kingston Park

TheEnvironment in the the campus is very comfortable and intimate. Being on the bank of river and its beautiful surrounding nature provides a suitable environment for art students therefore the students of arts, design and architecture are in there.

Roehampton Vale

Roehampton Vale is a modern building close to Richmond Park. This campus has very advanced facilities designed for students of engineering. It provides the valuable professional and technical experienceto them.

St George’s

The fields of the Health and Social Care are held in Kingston University in partnership with St George’s University of London (SGUL). Therefore, some students study in the St George’s campus which is located in southwestern London.



Link: http://www.kingston.ac.uk/