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British Study Centers

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British Study Centers

British Study Center was founded in 1930.

The different branches of the college are in London, Brighton, Oxford and Bournemouth.

High experienced professors as well as superb education quality are the distinctive features of this college.

This college is among topquality language colleges of Britain.

The limited number of students allows teachers to concentrate on the interests and goals of students and help them to progress in their work-field and to reach their goal.

The friendly and intimate environment of classes and college contributesthe success of students and motivates them undoubtedly.

British Study Center offers the language courses in different levels from beginner to advanced.

This college is authorized and specialized  in holding IELTS and TOEIC/TOEFL courses.

BSC also offers the preparation courses of the Cambridge test that allows you to prepare for an international and well-known certificate.

The English courses of this college begins Monday of each week and people over 16 years are allowed to participate in these courses.

The English courses are offered at the college from 15 to 30 hours per week.

Individual assessment: you are assessed and supported continuously at the beginning of and during the course.

On the first day you will be examined orally and in written form and your progress will be monitored on a regular basis.

The BSC’s distinctive quality in teaching English has made this college one of the most expensive and luxurious colleges in teaching English.

There are also expert English training courses for teachers at the college.

Getting the title of Superior Language School of Britain in 2010 is one the honors of the college.

BSC Courses

General English Courses

Exam Preparation Courses

IELTS Preparation

General English Plus TOEIC & TOEFL Preparation

Business English Courses

Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses

One-to-One Courses

Morning Courses

Intensive Courses

Afternoon Courses

Teacher Training Courses

For more information, contact us.

Link: https://www.british-study.com