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Queen Ethelburga

The Queen Ethelburga’s College is located on the outskirts of York and has a distance of 212 miles from London. That is about  a 4 hour drive from London..

According to average score of A-Levels the Queen Ethelburga’s College ranks 1st in the northeast region. The number of male and female students of this college (Both native and international) have doubled in 7 past years. Even in the recession, this amount increased by 20%. What do you thinkabout the reason?

A happy and intimate environment to boost the morale and confidence of students

The fully qualified and compassionate personnel of this college are always at your service…

98% of the college’s students have found their way to the best universities.

Investing more than 65 million pounds in the last 10 years has provided all the facilities required by students.

A new sports center has been established for the welfare of students.

The safe and healthy environment and away from urban problems has created the right atmosphere for students.

Compared to other cities of the region, the living costs are lower.

Unique boarding facilities, unlike anything that is in any other school.

Why the Queen Ethelburga’s College is different?

The answer of this question is very simple. This college is consisted among 4 small schools managed separately by a department manager under  a chief manager called Mr. Steven Jandrell.

In this way, the division of schools into smaller schools, each department manager can get a personal understanding of the needs, talents and characters of his/her students.

In some schools, the students are divided into 3 groups including Excellent, Good and Fair, but when using the division of schools into smaller schools, there is no need to grouping students. In fact, QE is 4 schools on one campus.

Undoubtedly you will enjoy visiting this school because QE is different from other existing schools. The parents can see their children’s progress in education, success and getting confidence. The modern style of the school is popular for parents and students. Each room has direct dial telephone, satellite plasma TV, DVD player, kitchenette, refrigerator and Hi-Fi, air conditioning and individual bathroom. Checking student’s exam results has shown their significant success.

The aim of QE is education for life, with academic achievement as its core and with community and life skills as its heart. In the nine decades since its establishment in 1912, Queen Ethelburga's College has become one of the best and well-known education centers in England. The factors such as national credit, care of the students andfriendly environment have contributed to this achievement. The College is committed to fund the college to ensure the premium quality.

Investing more than 45 million pounds only in recent years is to ensure that the students  achieve outstanding successes using the facilities and superior quality of the school. For example, all of the rooms have computer, telephone, internet access, etc. Queen Ethelburga’s College is developing its capital annually. This has led the parents to recognize this college as a unique opportunity for their children. At the end of each half-term parents will receive a comprehensive and detailed report of their children’s performance.

GCSE course at the Queen Ethelburga’s college

This course enjoys high standards  and presence of highly experienced professors. The students of this college are supported by their teachers completely. Moreover, the well-qualified and experienced counselors on campuses play an important role in raising self-confidence and academic achievement of students. Experience has shown that this method (consultation) has an important role in scientific achievements, independence and academic skills of students.

A-Levels course of Queen Ethelburga’s college

Queen Ethelburga’s college has an enviable history in holding A-Levels courses. Ranking 1st in the north of England in terms of the average score of A-Levels is a proof of this claim.

The required scores for entering Al-Levels or IB Diploma course are as following:

  • GCSEs at Grade C or above to include: 6
  • Grade A*, A, B or C in English Language and Mathematics
  • Grade A*, A or B in subjects to be studied at A Level/Higher Level IB Subjects
  • International students should have certificated English language skills equivalent to IELTS 5.5 (or equivalent on our entry test)

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