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Bosworth Independent College

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Bosworth Independent College:

This college is located in Northampton—located in 66 miles from northwest of London that traveling this distance by train longs 1 hour and 26 minutes. Northampton is a relatively small town with a quiet and student environment. Bosworth has been founded in 1977. This college has more than 80 experienced professors and 320 students and is among the top universities in providing services and support for students. 

Getting the title of the best private college in England between 2001-2007 has made this college one of the best choices to study in England. The institute of Elm-Gostar-e Kaveh, the exclusive representative of Bosworth Independent College in Iran is proud to provide you the entry requirements of the best private college in England.

Bosworth Independent College has HTS-Standard (Highly Trusted Sponsor Standard).

The courses of Bosworth college:


To indicate the quality of this college it is enough to say that it had been the best college in England between 2001-2007 for A-Levels courses. So it seems not necessary to explain additional details about the college A-Levels courses. To enroll in the college, please contact us.GCSE:

Entering a boarding school like Bosworth can be one of the best choices for GCSE courses. The college is undoubtedly the best private college of the England in this field. As you see, we have described other colleges’ courses excellent but for A-Levels and GCSE courses, the only words that properly describes Bosworth are the best and the most professional. The age range of this college’s students is 14-19 yearsThe unique features of this are also really conspicuous. If you're really looking for the best future for your children's education do not hesitate to choose this college.

The institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh as the only representative of this college provides you the expert consultations.


One exceptional option for foreign students of this college is the college's Foundation course. Almost the majority of universities in England have evaluated this college’s foundation course as one of the input options of their bachelor course. For more details about Bosworth’s foundation course, contact the institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh.

Language courses:

The quality of Bosworth’s language courses is like the superior quality of the college’s other courses. This college provides a wide range of general and academic language courses with the most advanced methods. For more details on these courses contact consolers of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh institution.


This college is one of the most appropriate colleges for those who haven’t any guardian because the college itself takes this task.  The dormitories of this college are well-equipped. The dormitory’s facilities are: all dormitory’s rooms are monitored and furnished and have a similar style, a small kitchen and laundry facilities. The general (living) room also contains some indoor recreational facilities, including TV,DVD player, computer, Billiard tables and Internet services. Excellent restaurants for all tastes andany Dietary requirements leaves no concern to you. For more information, contact us.

Link: http://www.bosworth-college.co.uk/