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Ealing Independent College

This college has a perfect history in teaching and maintaining a very friendly environment for students and teachers. The college visitors quickly notice its friendly atmosphere and the enthusiasm of college staff and students.

This college is located in the center of Ealing that is a pleasant and very beautiful region. The region offers easy access to shops, stores, airport and metro. The college of Ealing has the standard of HTS (Highly Trusted Sponsor). There is an attractive park with very pleasant and beautiful green space next to the college. Due to its proximity to the Ealing Film Studious, it has very interesting and famous areas and galleries.

Ealing College is located in the heart of Ealing Broadway and it has a distance of 10 miles from London (20 minutes).

Language Courses:

The foreign students need to have stronger language to enter universities and colleges. The language courses are held in groups or single form. Holding a wide range of language courses including general, specialized and IELTS preparation courses as well as holding the summer tours of leisure and language have made the Ealing College one of the choices for language courses. For more detailed information and awareness of the courses’ beginning time, contact with the consolers of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh institution.

GCSE course:

Do you know one of the reasons of superior students’ success at the top universities of England is passing the GCSE course in one of the best colleges of London? Ealing College is the best place for those who think about their future. Experienced professors within an intimate atmosphere with students are among the prominent features of this college..

The institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh has the honour to provide you free advice and guidance on this course.

A-Levels Courses:

If you are thinking about your favorite field at the superior universities in England, undoubtedly the A-Levels course of Ealing College is your best option. The limited number of students in  classes,  special attention paid to all students, and consultation for choosing appropriate university are the dominant features of this college. If you want all the features together, we suggest you Ealing College.

The institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh is proud to advice and guide you to enter this course.


This college has modern dormitories with perfect facilities close to the college. There are private and semiprivate rooms. It is also possible to live with English families that is one of the best ways to promote language and learn about the England’s culture.

For more information, contact us.