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David Game College:

It is estimated that in general more than 3,000 schools and colleges are active in England in the field of higher education but the features that make David Game College a superior and important college are:

  • Having fully qualified teachers with high academic education from the best universities in  England who allow the students to take interest in their courses.
  • Having fixed professional staff with a long history in training top students at the college in the past years.
  • Holding low-population classes to maintain peace and question-answer scientific environment and to createcollective thinking among the members of the class.
  • Establishing an academic environment for students to spend their time at college andimprove their academic level.
  • Providing a wide range of educational classes in various fields and employing a flexible system for students who want to change their field of study.
  • Having library, laboratory facilities and fully equipped art workshops..
  • Providing weekly high-specialized consulting services to students and course selection according to their mood.
  • Having great places in the college to provide a safe environment and friendship between people from different geographical backgrounds.
  • Having various students from different countries of the world.
  • Being located in one of the best and most fashionable neighborhoods of London, which we can claim that  is among the most luxurious and most expensive regions of the entire world. The name of the neighborhood which is located in the center of London is Notting Hill Gate.
  • Having a competitive atmosphere and creating motivation and competition among students, and several other professional service that make this college one of the most distinguished colleges in the world. the courses of GCSE, A-Levels, UFT and Language are held professionally at this college.
  • Holding the the standard of HTS (Highly Trusted Sponsor) and being permanently among the top 5 colleges of England.

Introduction of David Game College’s courses:

Language courses of David Game College:

The language courses at different levels ranging from elementary, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced began to work the Monday of each week at David Game College. Language Courses are held with options of 15 hours, 21 hours, 24 hours and 30 hours per week. The teachers of these courses are all national English-language teachers and are among the best teachers of language teaching to foreign students.

GCSE course of David Game College:

This course is held in a very high level and with presence of best professors in all courses at David Game College. The main feature of this college in holding the GCSE course is the use of experienced staff who are almost unchanged over the past few years. This has led to college students with a strong foundation in future courses.

David Game College is one of the best colleges in England in the field of holding Al-Levels course. This is evidenced by the large number of the college’s students who are accepted each year in pioneer universities of England. So it can be said that David Game College is the most famous private college in England.

Foundation (UFP) course of David Game College:

The most famous course held in David Game College is undoubtedly UFP course. This course firstly began in 1989 at the college. This college holds one of the best UFP courses in England. The students who has been attracted to the England's top universities by passing this course, confirm the success and reputation of David Game College in holding this course. The warranty of entry to England’s universities by passing this course at David Game College is 100% but to enter the England’s top universities, the high scores of students in the lessons of this course must be realized.


One of the glories of UFP course of David Game College is that the pharmacy UFP of David Game College has been accredited by London School of Pharmacy. The golden service of this course availableto parents  provides thema username and password for checking their children’s status including their class attendance  and scores report.

Checking the condition of accommodation at David Game College:

David Game College has 3 separate Dormitory buildings with private or semi-privte rooms. For more information, contact us.