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Queen Mary

The university of Queen Mary is among the prominent higher education institutions.

This university with an annual budget of 300 million pounds accommodates for 16,900 students and 3,000 personnel.

Queen Mary, one the largest universities in London, offers a wide range of course studies including humanities, social sciences, laws, MD, Dentistry, sciences and engineering.

The university of Queen Mary is to the East ofLondon. It is locatedin one of the best and most beautiful regions of London. 

The Queen Mary scholars are committed to optimum quality. This quality has been reached as a result of employing best faculties from all around the world.

Following newest  RAE results this university ranked 11th in terms of research quality.

Queen Mary makehigh-quality and interesting learning experience possible to the students. This high-quality education is inspired by the researches of the university in the pioneer world.

This university has invested more than 250 million pounds over the last 5 years to offer facilities to students; this has led to creating a special learning environment. According to the recent survey of National Student Survey, 88% of the university’s students have been satisfied with this university. This figure is 5% higher than national average and among the great universities of London.

Queen Mary has 5 buildings in London.

The main building of this university is located in the east of London in Mile End region.

This university is a few minutes from centralLondon.

Public commuting to to university is convenient and readily available .

The universities are close to subway station.

The buildings of the university:

Mile End

This is the centralbuilding of Queen Mary. The majority of academic schools, several theaters, main library and official services are located there.

The fields of the building: Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences and engineering


Whitechapel campus is the main center for MD and dentistry school. It  includes the institute of Blizard, educational institute of health sciences, Whitechapel medical library, the institute of dentistry and loyal hospital of London.

Charterhouse Square

Charterhouse is the headquarters of medical research for the preventive medicine institute of Wolfson.

There is also a hall of residence for medical students.

West Smithfield

West Smithfield contains hospital of St Bartholomew and medical library of West Smithfield. This building is the center of cardiovascular, cancer, epidemiology and public health research facilities.

Lincoln’s Inn Fields

This building is the main center for law studies. This location is a new place for CCLS, a LLM training base and master research.

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