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ElmGostar Kaveh

Elm Gostar Kaveh institution is established in 1383 in order to dispatch students for education from secondary school to university in the England. This is the first institution for international education of students that brought students to study in the UK and the first institution which has been succeeded in getting permission to dispatch students to the UK by the Ministry of Science and Technology.


(Study course/education period) from high school to master

Less Time = Less Cost

Two advantages of studying in the UK = less cost and more earning the only educational system in the world that will be provided the shortest possible route for you to find an occupation (a job) is British Educational System. When your school classmates are still studying at universities in other countries , you are educated and can looking for a job, this feature causes lower cost of education and leads to earnings by entering to the world of work. In England, it takes 3 years to complete the BA degree , 12 months MA and, 3 years for PHD. People who study in the UK can have the Bachelor degree after 3 years, after 4years can have the master degree and after 7 years have PHD degree then they will enter to the world of work. People who prefer to have suitable job opportunities as soon as possible, generally choose to study under British system.

  • The oldest permissible institution to dispatch students
  • The most specialized institution for sending students
  • The only student sending abroad institution in Iran that apply for free admission.
  • The only direct institution of sending student abroad in Iran.
  • The best consultation services to apply for the Great Britain student visa without paying money (for pupils and students who are accepted to enroll at the under contracting colleges and universities with Elm Gostar Kaveh Institution)
  • The most professional of specialized consulting team of the Great Britain education in Iran.
  • Elm Gostar Kaveh motto : sending students to the England without any intermediates (directly).


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The introduction of universities and colleges

University of Bristol

The university of Bristol This university was established in 1876 and received its royal charter in 1909. The University of Bristol has a long-term reputation and prestige and it is undoubtedly among the pioneers in the field of higher education in Great Britain. The university is among the 40 leading universities in the world (for many years) and is among the top 10 universities in Britain. It is worth noting that the institute of Elm Gostar-e Kaveh is proud to be the exclusive representativ


University of Westminster

The University of Westminster The university of Westminster is located in the heart of London. This university has 4 different university campuses in the 4 different neighborhoods of London. These campuses are located in the neighborhood of Marylebone in central London, Harrow in north-west London, Cavendish in South-East London and Regent in North London. There are more than 23,000 students at different levels of education. This number of studentshas turned the University of Westminster int


Bosworth Independent College

Bosworth Independent College: This college is located in Northampton—located in 66 miles from northwest of London that traveling this distance by train longs 1 hour and 26 minutes. Northampton is a relatively small town with a quiet and student environment. Bosworth has been founded in 1977. This college has more than 80 experienced professors and 320 students and is among the top universities in providing services and support for students.  Getting the title of the best private


David Game College

  David Game College: It is estimated that in general more than 3,000 schools and colleges are active in England in the field of higher education but the features that make David Game College a superior and important college are: Having fully qualified teachers with high academic education from the best universities in  England who allow the students to take interest in their courses. Having fixed professional staff with a long history in training top students at the

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